Comfort zones are holding your Photography Business back

Lately, I have been really interested in the difference between successful photography businesses and unsuccessful businesses and the person behind them. What traits characterize success or not in terms of profit for the business? What is holding your portrait photography back from being more successful?

What are the traits of successful photography businesses?

Of course there are a lot of factors that go into this, but what has become apparent to me though in studying several living photographers and even other businesses besides photography, is that the owner had COURAGE and PATIENCE. They had a type of DESPERATION that pushed them to the next level. Take me for example, I lack the courage to quite my 9-5 cubicle job because it is a safety net. How differently would I approach my photography business if it was my only source of income? How much harder would I work to make it successful? A lot or I would go hungry ha! I know photographers that make as much or more than me at my day job, so why can’t I take the leap?

How did successful photographers start?

One photographer I follow, started out right after being divorced and didn’t have a job. She had just moved to a small apartment and literally didn’t have $1 in her bank account to pay USPS to change her home address. Flash forward to now, she is an amazing destination photographer full time and has a beautiful studio space.

Another photographer, quit her job as an anchorwoman and purchased a studio space and renovation. She had a couple hundred dollars in her bank account and was in a brand new area with no clients. She tried marketing several ways before she finally got something successful and was able to host an event that brought in almost $40k!

Paul Mitchell, JK Rowling, Jim Carey…all homeless when they started there dreams. Now this doesn’t mean you need to quit your job and live in your car so you can start your photography business. The point is wrapping your head around what will give you the drive to make your business a success. How bad do you want this? Is your comfy lifestyle you have now worth giving up for a better life in a couple years? What is your safety net that is holding you back?

How the safety net hurts us

This point really hit me when I watched this scene from the Dark Knight Rises

It really shows how we are slaves to our comfort zones and safety nets. As well as we lack the faith in ourselves to be able to accomplish something without help or a safety net. This takes so much courage to do, but I believe in you! Even if you fall, you just have to have patience that eventually you will make the leap and make it.

I loved this blog post about it, is your safety net hurting you click here to read

To answer the question, what is holding you back, it is not the lack of money, the lack of time, lack of experience, the answer is you. Take heart, have courage and patience and it will all work out in the end.



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